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Why Snail Mail Works Best

snail-mailThanks to advances in technology, organizations have options when it comes to sharing their fundraising campaigns with potential donors.  While many choose to stick with the tried and true direct mail strategy, others are giving electronic means a try. After all, there is no risk in trying something new – especially since it is an inexpensive experiment.

While both methods have their place, there are significant benefits to using snail mail to convey a need to potential donors.

Reliability. Let’s face it, the USPS is reliable. Sure, a piece of mail may get lost from time to time but for the most part, what you mail, will be received by the recipient. Sending electronic communication from a large organization can often be overlooked in a crowded inbox or may land in spam.

Emotional. Whatever method is used, the communication needs to be compelling. Using direct mail offers multiple opportunities to emotionally engage a reader. An envelope with a picture will draw a potential donor in more often than even the most well written subject line.

Tactile Rewards. The sensory stimulation of receiving a piece of mail can not compare with an email. Global research agency, Millwood Brown, discovered that “tangible materials leave a deeper footprint in the brain.”  Enclosures, such as brightly colored charts and photographs will further increase the use of a reader’s sense of touch.

Increased Personalization. It’s easy to tailor your next direct mail campaign to be more personal.. Personalization is more than merging the correct the spelling of the prospects name.  Changing colors of paper and font based on the recipient’s gender is a common practice.  Including a personalized post-it note and hand signing the note will appeal to the reader and could lead to an increased response rate.

Research shows direct mail works best for those with a traditional audience such as political, university, and art related campaigns. Direct mail can (and should) be used by organizations in all segments.

How have your snail mail campaigns compared to those sent electronically?



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