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Using Video to Boost Donations

video-to-boost-$Looking for an innovative way to increase the donations your non-profit organization receives? Video is the perfect way to connect with and educate potential donors and volunteers and share your organization’s mission. Google reports that 75% of donors use video as their top source when researching charitable organizations. Video also serves as the perfect opportunity to show previous donors the impact their contribution has made and encourage them to donate again.

Ready to include video in your organization’s fundraising plan? Here are 5 keys to creating a successful fundraising campaign video.

  • Match your audience to your content. Understanding your demographic is key in any fundraising campaign, but especially when creating video. The content you create can be amazing, but if it isn’t relatable to your target audience, it is useless. Your goal is get potential donor excited about the work you are doing so that they will donate.
  • Attention Grabbing! Did you know that 20% of viewers click away from a video within 10 seconds? It’s TRUE! Don’t be a statistic – put the time in to ensure your first frame grabs the attention of the viewer. Convey your passion with energy and your viewers are more likely to stay engaged.
  • Shareability. The ultimate goal of using video is to drive donations to your organization. The more people that are exposed to your content, the greater the likelihood this will happen. Viewers are more inclined to share videos that are funny, thought provoking and offer valuable content to their own networks.

 TIP: Embed code to encourage social sharing! The easier it is for your viewers to share, the more apt they are to do it!

  •  Tell a story. There is no denying that seeing is believing. Depict the work your organization is doing with visual imagery. This is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the impact previous donations have made. Don’t be shy. Include testimonials and behind the scenes footage. The more real you make the video, the more return you will receive.
  • Convey a clear call-to-action. You’ve captivated the attention of your audience, not take advantage of that. Clearly let them know what the next step is. Is it to follow you on Facebook, join your subscription list or make contribution. Whatever it is, provide them direction. Too often, good videos are produced without a call-to-action and viewers are left wondering, “now what?” Don’t let that happen to you!

Now that you have produced your blog, share it. Post it on your social media channels, send it to your mail list and embed it in your blog.

Your non-profit organization has a compelling story – share it via video and watch your donations increase.



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