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Top Tools to Master Online Fundraising


You’ve invested hours into planning your organization’s next campaign. Now it is time to launch it! Using online donation tools will not only ease the collection of donations, but also boost your exposure to potential donors. There are many of these tools available at little to no cost. Here are a few of the top tools to check out as you launch your online fundraising campaign!



This site allows you to merge and manage multiple campaigns simultaneously. Touting themselves as the “largest online campaigning platform”, Causes doubles as a social platform allowing organizations to connect with donors they would not otherwise reach.  There is a 4.75% per transaction fee assessed to use their platform.


Google Wallethttps://www.google.com/wallet/

Connect your campaign to this reliable online payment processing service and collect donations effortlessly. Organizations, as well as donors, report this platform is among the easiest to navigate. The ability to check donation histories is a much appreciated bonus. Google Wallet assesses a 2.9% transaction fee.



Donors are able to search for and learn about new charities using this platform. This feature gives organizations an opportunity to reach new donors and increase their reach. Other features include matching grant support and a donation widget for Facebook. A 4.9% platform is charged.



Created by Network for Good, this platform allows organizations to create a customized fundraising campaign complete with emails, customer service and branded donation pages. Mobile checkout is a bonus that allows donors to donate from anywhere, at any time. In addition to the 3% transaction fee, there is a subscription cost.



This platform was created specifically for non-profit organizations. It not offers a secure portal to collect online donations, but allows organizations to connect and communicate with their donors. FirstGiving integrates well with many CRM, Social Media channels, email platforms and analytic tools. A 5% transaction fee is charged.

These are just a few of the more well-known platforms. There are plenty of other reputable tools available. Do your research and select the one that works best to meet the needs of your organization.

Have you used one of these or another fundraising campaign tool? Tell us about your experience in the comments.


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