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Stand Out Subject Lines

subject-lines1The main objective when sending an email is to have the intended recipient click to open and then read the email. No matter how fabulous the content of the email is, if it doesn’t get opened, you’ve wasted a whole lot of time preparing it.

A solid subject line will increase the likelihood that your message will be opened and read. Think of the subject line as the first impression. We all know that a first impression is important – and so is an email’s subject line. Did you know that 35% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone?*

We’ve compiled 6 strategies to help you write subject lines that get noticed — and opened!

Be Unique

Change up your subject line each time you send an email out. Your recipients are intelligent — they will remember if you reuse a subject line — even if it is great! Take the time to craft a new one. Your recipients will thank you!

Short and Sweet

A good rule of thumb is 50 characters or 5-7 words. Emails with fewer than 50 characters have an open rate that is 12.5% higher than those with more than 50 characters. Save your thoughts for the body of the email!

Include a Call To Action

Giving a command in your subject line will let recipients know they need to act. Using action verbs easily conveys to the reader what you are expecting. Here are some examples of words to use:

  • Donate
  • Join Us
  • Enroll
  • Share
  • Tell Us
  • Discover

Avoid Using all CAPITALS

Your subject line should attract attention from your readers — but the use (or overuse) of capitals is not the answer. Using all capitals is the digital equivalent of yelling – and nobody enjoys being yelled at. The use of dashes or colons to separate your thoughts and attract the reader’s attention is a much better (and appreciated) alternative.

Be Clear

Using jargon and acronyms within the body of your emails is perfectly acceptable — but not in the subject line. If a reader doesn’t know what you are referring to in the subject line, they are less likely to click and read your email.

Ask a Question

Pique your recipient’s curiosity and inspire them to open your email with a question. Creating a closed ended question as your subject implies that a reader will find the answer once they click to open your email.  Avoid writing a question that will overwhelm or make a reader have to think too much. They may opt to “delete” rather than click.

Invest the time to develop a strong subject line. You will win more opens and give your content a fighting chance at being read.

What types of subject lines have yielded you the greatest open rate?


* Source: http://www.convinceandconvert.com/convince-convert/15-email-statistics-that-are-shaping-the-future/


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