Rev Up Your Response Rates

It’s true, more and more people are turning to online media tools to market their businesses and non-profit organizations. These people are missing out on the power of direct mail. Chances are they abandoned this timeless marketing strategy because they weren’t getting the response rate they wanted.WIBGraphic_RevUpResponse

Studies consistently show that when executed properly, direct mail delivers great returns and a high response rate. Before making the mistake of leaving potential business on the table, brush up on your direct mail basics to rev up the response rates of your next direct mail campaign.

Get Personal

The last thing you want is to have your direct mail piece look like it could apply to just about anyone. Sure, you can personalize it with the intended recipient’s name – people have been doing that for years. But why stop there? Thanks to technological advances, you can now do so much more. Through the use of variable printing technology, you can include unique content, personalized visuals and even buyer/donor history. This is sure to get the recipient to stop and take notice.

Point out the Benefits

It’s easy to focus the piece on your organization, product or service offering…but don’t! Instead, clearly point out what they will do for them. Identify your target market’s pain point and show how your business can help solve their dilemma. Stress how they will be positively impacted by purchasing your product or donating to your organization.

Eye-Catching Design

The design of your direct mail piece is as, if not more, important as the content. A plain envelope or ho-hum visuals are sure to turn a reader off. You want to strive to create a piece of direct mail that will catch the recipients eye. This isn’t as hard as you may think. Simply using a padded envelope implies value and fun fonts draw a reader in. Experiment with color — on envelopes, paper and fonts! Have fun designing and your reader will enjoy receiving it.

Compelling Call to Action (CTA)

Whether you are selling a new product, offering a service or searching for new donors, you want to ensure it is crystal clear to the reader HOW they can take advantage of your offer. To begin with you want your offer to be remarkable – something they won’t quickly forget and can’t pass up. Let readers know the urgency of responding timely by setting an expiration date or limiting the quantity available at the special price. Speaking of price – let the reader know the value of the offer (and make sure it is a good value). Spell it out — Receive $300 off a service of $1000 or more is enticing and sure to garner a great response rate.

Prove Yourself

Let’s face it, people are skeptics. If they haven’t ever heard of you, they may toss your offer no matter how enticing it is, directly into the trash can. You want to be taken seriously by your recipients and not be mistaken for a fly by night company. Show your credibility by including testimonials, listing awards won, affiliations and recognizable client/donor names. You don’t want to brag, but rather show that others put their trust in you and they should as well.

List Review

Before you can send out your perfectly crafted direct mailing, you will need to have a good list. If you are targeting folks in a certain demographic or zip code, you can easily check your list to ensure it is being sent to the target audience. This step can be cumbersome, but the time invested now will pay off in the long run/

Take these into consideration as you create your next direct mailing and watch your response SOAR!


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