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Our Favorite Non-Profit Twitter Chats


Twitter has long been dominated by large businesses, but in recent years, the non-profit market presence has grown significantly on this social media platform.  The many unique features available make it the perfect space to network and raise awareness for your cause.  Twitter Chats, aka Tweet Chats, are a powerful tool non-profits can and should take advantage of.

What is a Tweet Chat? A Tweet Chat is simply a virtual conversation. It is the perfect opportunity to connect with others who have the same interest as you.
The time and topic of the conversation are predetermined and a predesignated hashtag is used to link the participants comments.

Here are Three of our Favorite Non-Profit Themed Tweet Chats.

Non-Profit Mar Community – #npmc

If you want to learn and talk about non-profit marketing communications, this is the place to go. The #NPMC Twitter chat takes place on the last Thursday of each month at 1:00 p.m. EST. It is open to anyone who is involved in nonprofit marketing communications, including volunteers, employees and suppliers specialized in the sector.

Get more information about this chat, see past chat transcripts and register for updates from http://nonprofitmarcommunity.com/npmc-chat/

Fundchat – #fundchat

This group of non-profit professionals discusses all things fundraising from the larger issues to the finer details, all topics are covered. The #fundchat takes place weekly on Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m. EST. New members are encouraged to participate.

View their upcoming schedule, search past conversations and learn more about this diverse group at http://www.fundchat.org

Thoughtful Thursday Volunteer Managers – #ttvolmgrs

This group is focused on championing the vital role of those that lead, manage, and coordinate volunteer teams. You’re invited to participate in virtual conversations, share thoughts or ask questions throughout the day each Thursday.

Visit their online community, review past posts and get acquainted with these professionals at http://ivo.org/thoughtful-thursdays-from-vmmovement

Tweet Chats can be overwhelming as many move at light speed. Be patient. Once you get the hang of participating in Tweet Chats you will love it and find them to be an invaluable resource.



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