New Year’s Resolutions for Non-Profits

The New Year is just around the corner! While making personal resolutions, why not set some for your non-profit as well. Set the tone for the upcoming year with a list of resolutions that will enhance the success of your non-profit organization in 2017!

December was likely a good month for your non-profit as donations tend to be highest toward year end. Ring in the new year with the excitement of December behind you and keep the momentum going. There really isn’t a better time to redefine your brand and voice.

Don’t get overwhelmed! It’s easier than you think to set achievable resolutions for your organization. Here are some suggestions to top your resolution list.

A New “Thank-You”

While everyone appreciates hearing (or reading) those words, chances are there will be repeat donors, supporters and volunteers this year. Take the time now to redesign and order new notes of appreciation. Revamping the way you express your gratitude will be noticed and appreciated by the recipients.

Fresh Faces

The new year is the perfect time to add a new Board of Director member. New “blood” is bound to come with fresh ideas and a new outlook on the organization. Perhaps there is a volunteer or donor that has shown interest in becoming more involved. Tap them and invite them to roll up their sleeves and dive in. Enthusiasm and excitement typically follow when you make a change like this, so go for it!

Rule Review

By-laws are created to ensure your organization operates as efficiently as possible. Are they still working? Take advantage of the lull in activity most non-profits experience during the month of January and review them. Look to see if there are processes you are no longer following that you should be or ones that need to be updated.


We all know (and if you don’t, you should!) the importance your digital presence is. Take a look at your website and freshen it up a bit. Archive old content (DON’T DELETE, just move it to a less prominent location) and update your copy, stats and of course, visuals.  It’s also the perfect time to optimize your SEO so your site will be seen more often.

Plan for 2017

Gather your team and openly discuss what your organization accomplished this year and  wants to achieve in the upcoming year. Once you’ve determined this, create a plan to help you get there. Be sure everyone is on board and knows what they can do to reach those goals during the next 12 months. Put everything in writing so people can be held accountable and plan to meet at least quarterly to ensure you are track!

Here’s to the New Year!

Give your non-profit a fresh start with the arrival of the new year by allotting the time to make resolutions now! What resolutions are you making for your non-profit organization?


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