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Making Direct Mail More Personal

4-direct-mailMail is a great communicator. You can reach anyone anywhere with an address. According to the CMO Council, nearly 60% of all direct mail pieces sent are opened in the US.

It’s true, pieces that are printed on brightly colored paper, uniquely packaged or have eye catching graphics tend to grab their recipients attention.  However, it is personalized pieces that not only grab their attention, but keep it, too.

We’re sharing 4  simple ways to help you create a more personal direct mail piece for your next campaign.


Address the recipient by name

Of course you know to use their name in the address block (as opposed to “Resident” or “Homeowner”) but don’t discount using it in other parts of your piece as well.  

Create a conversational tone by addressing them by their first name – just be sure that you have their correct name and spelling – within the piece. A personal salutation such as “Hi First Name” will create immediate appeal.

This will foster a personal connection and draw the recipient in.


Personalized Images

When selecting the images to use as part of your direct mail piece, it is important to select one of high quality.

It’s just as important to take into consideration your target audiences’ demographic and lifestyle. If you are targeting young families, pictures that include young children are a safe bet. This lets the intended recipient know that you are responding to their unique needs.

The more relevant the photo is to them, the more likely they are to keep reading.


Past History

Take a page from the history book! Look at what the client has done in the past and target your piece based on their previous buying behavior.  

Use what you know about the client to create a personalized direct mail campaign. If you are looking for donations, mention the amount of the donation they made previously and ask if they can help with an increased amount this time.

This targeted marketing technique generates a high response rate and a strong ROI.


Location, Location, Location

It’s human nature to want to know what the neighbors are doing. Use that natural curiosity to your advantage.

Point out that others on their street (in their community, town, etc) have purchased your product, used your service or contributed to your campaign and that they don’t want to miss out.

Take the time to personalize your next direct mail campaign to your target audience. The payoff will be better engagement, higher response rate and ultimately, increased sales/donations.


What personalization techniques have you used successfully?



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