Make 2019 Your Non-Profit’s Best Year Yet

December is the perfect time to reflect back on the year that has passed. When it comes to your non-profit, it marks time to begin assembling the annual report, prepare the final numbers, and set new goals for the new year. This can seem daunting, as when a new year approaches, so does the opportunity for new initiatives, new donors, and new ways of thinking.

Help your non-profit prepare for your best year yet in 2019 with this assembled list of resolutions. Help your non-profit begin the new year with your best foot forward. Will you accept the challenge of ending 2018 strong and entering into the new year dedicated to enriching partnerships, engaging with the public, and making waves in your non-profit?

  • Resolution One: “In 2019, our non-profit will utilize technology as much as possible.”Technology makes it easier than ever to engage with potential donors, more efficiently and effectively fundraise, and share an inside look at what your non-profit is doing with the public. Technology was created with the intention of making things easier than ever for those using it. Let it help your non-profit this new year. To start, we’ve assembled a list of applications that can be used during your fundraising efforts in the new year.
  • Resolution Two: “In 2019, our non-profit will update our website.”Have you ever visited a website for more information and found that the information was outdated? It can be frustrating for a potential volunteer, donor, client, or just a curious visitor to find inconsistencies and outdated information on your website. More than ever, transparency is key in engaging others and building connection. Make sure to take the time to have a few staff members look through each and every page of your website, indicating information that should be archived (not necessarily removed), changed, or updated.
  • Resolution Three: “In 2019, our non-profit will plan out social media posts.”Planning social media posts can be tough. It’s easy to get started, keep at it for a while, and then put it on the back burner once things get busy. With so many websites available to plan your social media posts weeks and months out, it’s easier than ever to have fresh content at your fingertips. Websites like Buffer, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social make planning content a breeze. Free design websites such as Canva allow you the opportunity to easily create basic graphic designs to promote events and share information about your non-profit.
  • Resolution Four: “In 2019, our non-profit will make it a priority to thank and connect with donors.”As a non-profit, your organization wouldn’t be able to survive without the support of donors. Whether you’re working with individual donors or corporate partnerships, use the new year as a time to light the fire for thanking and connecting with donors. Thank you notes can be handwritten, sent virtually, or shared publicly. There’s no right or wrong way to say thank you, but it can be helpful to have some guidance on navigating the thank you process. Use creativity to express your gratitude to donors in the new year to help retain donors, increase donation efforts, and thank them for all of their donated time and resources.
  • Resolution Five: “In 2019, our non-profit will plan a new event or initiative.”If your non-profit is finding itself in a place of repeated events and initiatives, it’s time to take the new year as an opportunity for something fresh and new. Take a look at numbers from previous events and initiatives in 2018. What worked? What didn’t? As a team, take the time to dive in deep to assess the needs of future initiatives and what to avoid.If you’re having trouble thinking of events or initiatives, look to other non-profits for inspiration. Ask donors, ask friends, and ask volunteers for their thoughts on what works to successfully engage people. After all, the focus of your event and initiatives should be engaging the most amount of people to participate. Once you’ve decided on a fresh, new idea, make sure you publicize it as much as possible. Be sure to mention that it is new, and use the new year as motivation to get the community behind your idea.
  • Resolution Six: “In 2019, our non-profit will make it a priority to outsource some of our responsibilities.”This will look different for each and every non-profit, but the reason behind this resolution is simple. With limited staff numbers and time, it’s more important than ever to say “yes” to outsourcing. When it comes to financial transactions, utilizing a neutral third-party can ensure that transactions are completely safe, efficient, and confidential. Working with a professional escrow service can give your non-profit piece of mind in the new year. Utilizing lockbox and caging services is another way to take some of the pressure off your staff. Be sure that you find a facility that is PCI Level 1 compliant and meets all industry standards. Dealing with donations and payments is not an easy task, so in the new year let WIB take it off your plate.
Make time this month to commit to some or all of these resolutions. Help your non-profit start 2019 strong. Was this list missing any resolutions your non-profit is making? We’d love to hear.


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