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Get Ready for Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is on November 29th this year! To some that sounds far off, but experienced non-profit marketers know it will be here before your know it! Ward off potential stress and start planning now.

A little history on Giving Tuesday, first. This 1 day movement was started by the interim CEO of the 92nd Street Y in NYC and the United Nations Foundation in 2012. They wanted to focus 1 day at the start of the holiday season on charitable giving. They succeeded!  In 2015, $116.4 was raised and it is expected that 2016’s number will be even higher.

Is your organization looking to capitalize on the generosity of donors on Giving Tuesday? Here are 8 things you can do NOW to prepare.


The easier it is for people to donate, the more likely they are to. Check the ease of making donations via mobile devices, on each social platform and from your website now. This is the perfect time to optimize this process.


Start engaging with past, current and potential donors now. Let them know what your organization has been up to, what impact previous donations have had on your cause and what you have planned for the upcoming year. Donors want to hear from you in between asks.

Involve local businesses.

Now is a great time to identify and approach local businesses about collaborating on Giving Tuesday. Asking them now to match donations will give them time to consider it..and they will likely appreciate your forethought!

Donate now.

Adding (and testing) a “Donate Here” feature to your website and social platforms now can’t hurt. Not only will they then be in place and ready for Giving Tuesday, but your organization could receive unexpected (and appreciated) donations in the meantime.


Spend the time now creating branded graphics, thank yous and other digital medium for use during your Giving Tuesday campaign. Having them ready ahead of time will certainly reduce the stress later on. Keep in mind that posts with images receive more engagement.


Every campaign needs to have appropriate allocated resources, and Giving Tuesday is no exception. Schedule time to meet with your staff, including volunteers and keep them posted on Giving Tuesday plans. Don’t have enough hands? Start recruiting!


Take the time now to test our your existing technology. Being able to track donations in a functioning CRM system, sending emails and monitoring the flurry of activity on your social media is essential. Finding the bugs now leaves you plenty of time to fix them!

Thank you!

Everyone wants to know they (and their donations) are appreciated. Plan creative, personal ways to thank your donors for their Giving Tuesday contribution. Bonus points for sharing the impact their generosity had on your mission.

Whether your goal is to acquire new donors, increase recurring donations or fund a special project, preparing a Giving Tuesday campaign can help you to reach your goals.


How is your non-profit organization preparing for Giving Tuesday?


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