Direct Mail Gets Personal

We know direct mail is a powerful sales and marketing tool. By personalizing your next direct mail campaign, you will get even greater impact. Research by InfoTrends shows an average improved return on investment of 50% when personalization is used. Let’s get personal!

wib-blog_directmailWhy Personalize?

Everyone has a name – and everyone likes to see their name in writing. Capitalize on this by including your recipients name on your next direct mail piece. Including a person’s name will also help keep your direct mail piece from being mistaken as a piece of junk mail.

Take advantage of information you have on mailing list members and include it as part of your campaign. Including personal information in addition to their name will make them feel more valued. A more valued consumer, is likely to be more engaged and become a repeat customer/donor.

Data in Direct Mail

You likely have plenty of data on each of you mailing list members. Here are 4 points you want to understand and include as you prepare your next direct mail piece.


  • Name. You should absolutely include your recipient’s name in the salutation of all direct mail pieces. Including it within the body of the piece is worthwhile, too. Yes, this is an extra step, but including it multiple times will help to draw your reader in.  Please, please, be careful and ensure that spelling is correct.


  • Reference purchase history or past donations. Mention the recipients past purchase or donation in the body of your direct mail piece. If they made a donation in the past, share something about how your organization used that contribution and ask if they are able to offer an increased donation again this year. Did they make a purchase from you last year? Share how what you are now selling complements their previous purchase. This is not only a great way to “sell” them but will remind them they were once moved to purchase/donate before and could motivate them to do so again.


  • Location. Understanding the location your direct mail pieces are headed has multiple benefits. You can mention how what you are selling or the cause you are promoting directly affects their location. For example, if you’re selling snow blowers to Colorado residents you can remind them how much snow fell last year.  You can also seize the opportunity to share specifically the impact your cause is making in your reader’s hometown. Showing that their contribution will have a positive impact right in their own community could positively affect the overall success of your direct mail campaign.


  • Timing. When sending out your next direct mail campaign look at the history you have with your recipient. Often times, donors make contributions in conjunction with a special event or milestone. Remind them of this. They will appreciate the reminder and care and likely show their gratitude in the form of another donation.

Ready to make your next direct mail campaign more personal? Check out our post, “4 Ways to Make Your Direct Mail More Personal” for inspiration!


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