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Direct Mail and Social Media

perfect-partnersWhen it comes to marketing your business, product or nonprofit organization, social media and direct mail are 2 very strong, yet different options. Many people believe that direct mail is dead. They are incorrect – nothing could be further from the truth. According to Entrepreneur Contributor, Mike Tinz, Direct Mail response rates are 3.4% while email is just .12%.

Now that you know both direct mail and social media, including email, are each viable marketing strategies, you may be wondering which of the two works best. The truth is that each strategy uniquely engages your target market. Using the two in tandem will get you the best results.

Ready to develop your integrated marketing strategy? We have some tips to help you create a strong, multi-channel promotion.

#Hashtags. You know that the use of hashtags is important when posting to your social media, but did you know that it is equally as important to include it on printed promotional materials as well? Absolutely! Using them on all of your marketing materials helps to build brand recognition.

Cross-Market. Linking your messaging is another great way to increase your brand recognition and grow your following on social media as well as your mailing list. Include links to sign up for your newsletters on your social profiles. Additionally, link your direct mail pieces to your social channels by adding phrases such as, “Join us on Facebook” or “Love us on Yelp” into your direct mail piece.

Consistent Content. Whether you are writing a 140 character tweet or copy for a postcard, keep your message similar. There is no need to redesign promotions. Strong branding across all channels will be less confusing for your readers will ultimately improve your brand recognition.

Landing Page. Point readers, from your social channels and direct mail pieces, to a landing page rather than your home page as your call to action. Your landing page should include easily accessible forms to join your mailing list, share content and engage with you. Sending them to your home page could overwhelm your readers and have them clicking off the page quickly.

Teamwork. Keep your team, including staff and volunteers, in the know about what promotions you are running and where. Get them involved! If they are online, have them share your social promotions. If they meet with your target face to face, give them copies of your postcards or other direct mail pieces to share.

How have you successfully integrated the two in your marketing plan?


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