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    7 Apps to Boost Productivity

    Thanks to advances in technology there are a plethora of apps available to help increase productivity. From managing your calendar to organizing your to-do list, these apps are indispensable for any busy person. Marketing professionals rely on apps to help them manage and enhance their social media presence. Here are few of the top tools to help improve your productivity as you grow your digital footprint.   BoardDirector – https://www.boarddirector.co – This service caters to the busy board director. Using this tool allows board members (or team members) to communicate effectively, store and organize documents in a single location as well as take advantage of a robust scheduling tool.  …

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    Using Video to Boost Donations

    Looking for an innovative way to increase the donations your non-profit organization receives? Video is the perfect way to connect with and educate potential donors and volunteers and share your organization’s mission. Google reports that 75% of donors use video as their top source when researching charitable organizations. Video also serves as the perfect opportunity to show previous donors the impact their contribution has made and encourage them to donate again. Ready to include video in your organization’s fundraising plan? Here are 5 keys to creating a successful fundraising campaign video. Match your audience to your content. Understanding your demographic is key in any fundraising campaign, but especially when creating…

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    Stand Out Subject Lines

    The main objective when sending an email is to have the intended recipient click to open and then read the email. No matter how fabulous the content of the email is, if it doesn’t get opened, you’ve wasted a whole lot of time preparing it. A solid subject line will increase the likelihood that your message will be opened and read. Think of the subject line as the first impression. We all know that a first impression is important – and so is an email’s subject line. Did you know that 35% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone?* We’ve compiled 6 strategies to help you…

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    Direct Mail and Social Media

    When it comes to marketing your business, product or nonprofit organization, social media and direct mail are 2 very strong, yet different options. Many people believe that direct mail is dead. They are incorrect – nothing could be further from the truth. According to Entrepreneur Contributor, Mike Tinz, Direct Mail response rates are 3.4% while email is just .12%. Now that you know both direct mail and social media, including email, are each viable marketing strategies, you may be wondering which of the two works best. The truth is that each strategy uniquely engages your target market. Using the two in tandem will get you the best results. Ready to…

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    Electronic vs. Print Invitations

    Lots of hard work goes into planning an event, whether it is a small birthday party or a large wedding. You’ve secured the venue, decided on the menu and planned the activities. Armed with your invite list, you wonder – “now what?” Thanks to technological advances, you can sit down at your computer, use a template (or create one of your own) and efficiently send an electronic invitation. Sounds easy, right?  It may be, but, there is something to be said for the look and feel of a traditionally printed invitation. Consider this as you choose your method – or methods – of  sharing event details with your guests.  …

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    Our Favorite Non-Profit Twitter Chats

    Twitter has long been dominated by large businesses, but in recent years, the non-profit market presence has grown significantly on this social media platform.  The many unique features available make it the perfect space to network and raise awareness for your cause.  Twitter Chats, aka Tweet Chats, are a powerful tool non-profits can and should take advantage of. What is a Tweet Chat? A Tweet Chat is simply a virtual conversation. It is the perfect opportunity to connect with others who have the same interest as you. The time and topic of the conversation are predetermined and a predesignated hashtag is used to link the participants comments. Here are Three…

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