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    5 Essential Elements of a Direct Mail Piece

    It’s been decided…you’re going to craft a direct mail piece as part of your overall marketing strategy. Good decision! Just like a car that can’t operate efficiently without each of its parts, a direct mail piece must also have specific elements to be effective and yield your organization the greatest ROI. Whether you are creating a postcard or a 4 page color booklet, it needs to include these 5 elements.   Memorable Headline It’s the first impression and we all know how important that is. Use this opportunity to capture the reader’s attention so they want to continue reading. This is your chance to imply value to your target audience.…

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    10 Common Digital Newsletter Mistakes

    Email newsletters are commonplace among corporations and non-profit organizations. After all, they are inexpensive to produce and are an easy way to stay in touch with those that support your cause. As popular as they are, there are common mistakes made all too often. We’ll take a look at the top 10 and share fixes to help improve the effectiveness of your next newsletter. 1. Not Getting User Permission The number 1 way to guarantee a low open is to add people to your mail list without their permission.  Simply because you have their information, does not mean they want to be added to your mail list. What to do:…

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    10 Tools to Help Build Your Website

    Increase awareness of your organization and its mission to current and would be donors as well as to potential volunteers with a website. All too often, smaller organizations forego having an online presence because they don’t have staff with the skill set to design a website nor the funds to hire outside help. There are lots of programs and websites available to help even those without coding or design abilities to create websites for free or a nominal fee. We’re sharing 10 to inspire you to launch a site of your organization’s own!   Bubble  This easy to follow, intuitive program will help you build and launch your own website…

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    Electronic vs. Print Invitations

    Lots of hard work goes into planning an event, whether it is a small birthday party or a large wedding. You’ve secured the venue, decided on the menu and planned the activities. Armed with your invite list, you wonder – “now what?” Thanks to technological advances, you can sit down at your computer, use a template (or create one of your own) and efficiently send an electronic invitation. Sounds easy, right?  It may be, but, there is something to be said for the look and feel of a traditionally printed invitation. Consider this as you choose your method – or methods – of  sharing event details with your guests.  …

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    3 Design Mistakes

    Have you ever caught a typo on a menu? Or saw a pixelated photo in a newsletter? Mistakes can happen in communication, but when you’re printing a piece and budget dollars count, there’s no room for errors. Take a look at three common mistakes and what you can do to avoid them completely. Mistake #1:  Poor quality images If a picture’s worth a thousand words make sure yours are saying the right things. Include only photos that are expressive, clear and compelling. Hire a photographer or invest in a good camera to capture moments (big and small) so you always have photos to choose from. Consider paying for quality stock…

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    6 Things That Drive Designers Crazy

    Working with a great graphic designer is, hands down, one of the best ways to help you and your organization get an audience excited about donating. Visually captivating collateral can help you fundraising goals by attracting the right people and lending credit to your cause. The overall “look” of your brand can often be a deciding factor in deciding whether or not readers will ultimately make a pledge to support you. We could list the benefits of working with a designer that really “gets” your brand personality all day long, but just because the benefits exist, doesn’t mean they’re always easy to achieve. Working with designers can be a trying…

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