International Technology & Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) National Association

ITEEA approached WIB after the latest issue of their magazine had been printed. The printer failed to secure a centerfold poster to the magazine as directed by the client. The client did not want the magazine to be sent to recipients until this was done but was also adamant the mailing be completed by a specific date.

Working directly with the client, a WIB Project Manager was able to find an acceptable solution to insert the poster as requested by the client. As a result the mailing was sent out on time and on budget.

A Printing Partner (Goetz Printing)

On behalf of their non-profit client, Goetz contracted with WIB to handle the metering and mailing of their latest direct mail campaign. The client wanted to take advantage on non-profit postal rates to stay within budget but did not have the appropriate USPS Customer Registration ID Number.

The WIB Account Manager assigned to this client worked directly with the USPS to research what permits the client had filed for. This resulted in a ghost ID and permit number being issued so the mailing could be completed in the required timeline within the planned budget.

Big Eye

This client receives a variety of different claim forms and needs them to processed quickly, efficiently and accurately. To streamline their process, WIB uses state of the art imaging technology to quickly upload documents received via their lockbox.

Image quality was fine when being viewed on a standard computer or laptop, but was not high enough to clearly view on mobile devices. We worked with our programmer to increase the resolution of the .jpg images being captured without sacrificing storage space. Our client was pleased that we were able to find a solution that didn’t affect the processing time or cost.

American Liberty Group

This premier full-service political and not-for-profit fundraising group relies on WIB to process incoming contributions in an expedited manner. To meet their financial needs, all receivables need to processed within a 24 hour period.

This is not an unusual request during normal circumstances. However, during periods of high volume, can prove challenging since there is no way to gauge when these peaks will occur. To ensure the clients needs are met, we implemented personnel that are able to work overtime as well as weekends without prior notice. WIB has been able to meet this client’s requested turnaround time without accuracy or efficiency suffering.

Eberle Associates

Accurate routing of business reply mail is critical to the success of this client. As a result of changing rules by USPS, the zip+4 they were using was causing their mail to be routed to the wrong facility. This delayed, and often prevented, the receiving and processing of their receivables by WIB.

Multiple phone calls to get the mail rerouted solved the problem for the short term. A permanent solution was needed. WIB worked closely with the client and USPS to reestablish their PO Box to a different location while mitigating the need to reapply for a new BRM (Business Reply Mail) permit. This process change eliminated the delay issues so that receivables could be processed efficiently.

HSP Direct

Outsourcing escrow services to WIB has saved this company time and money thanks to accurate, timely reporting. Unfortunately, the reporting they were receiving was having to be manually manipulated by WIB in order to sync properly with the accounting system used at HSP. This process increased the turnaround time and the potential for errors and required a second set of files be created to meet their reporting requirements. HSP had multiple accounts and this needed to be done for each one.

WIB worked to create a custom solution that would allow the cash journals created to directly upload and be recognized by HSP’s accounting system. Additionally, streamlined reporting was generated that allowed the client to see each of their cash journals in a single report. The risk for error was eliminated, processing efficiency was achieved and a happy client was created!