Save your clients time and money on mailings such as

  • save the dates
  • gala invitations
  • appeal/campaign letters
  • other fundraising projects

The ability to quickly recommend reliable vendors and seamlessly integrate those vendor services into your own product mix, saves you time and helps build your relationship with clients. WIB is reliable, efficient vendor for all direct mail, caging/lockbox and escrow projects.

Get 1.5% Commission on every project, for every client. Our affiliate program allows you to offer great, reliable services to your clients at the best rates, while earning a commission on every sale. Our standard commission rate applies to all WIB services including mailings, caging/lockbox services, and escrow services. Every sale is closed on a project basis, which means you have more opportunities to earn your commission.


When and how are commissions paid? 

All commission payments are made approximately 30 days after the close of the sale to allow time for client’s payment methods to clear and our accounting process to complete. Commissions are paid on the net sales price of the service purchased.

Is there a limit to how many clients/projects I can earn commission with? 


Do you have any graphics or materials that will help me advertise that I am an affiliate? 

Yes. WIB provides all affiliate sales partners with digital files that can be used for promotional materials.

Are there any services where the commission rate changes or is not valid? 

No, affiliates earn 1.5% commission on every project for every client.


For more information on the program or promotional projects/materials/products please call (703) 817-1308.