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6 Ways to Market Your Fundraiser

6-ways-to-market-fundraiserYou’ve worked so hard to plan a fundraiser for your non-profit and now it is time to fill the room. Ready to raise awareness of your organization and promote your event? We’ve got 6 simple marketing strategies that are sure to make your event a success!

Press Release

Share the news of the event with local newspapers, radio stations, television networks, and magazines. Let them know that you would like coverage of the event before, during and after the event.

Make it easy for the journalist by including plenty of information, not just about the specific event, but your organization as well. Including a eye catching photo is a plus!

Direct Mail

It’s no secret that even a standard direct mail campaign will positively affect your event attendance, but with a little creativity, it can fill your room! Rather than just a single page flyer, think outside of the box and create something compelling and relevant to your cause. For example, if your organization supports a sustainable environment, include a seed packet as part of your campaign.


You don’t need to break the bank, but a small investment will pay off! Target local attendees with ads inviting the general public to your upcoming event. When creating your ad, be sure to include answers to the 5 W’s – Who, What, Where, When and Why.

Facebook Event Listing

Creating an event page on Facebook is free and easy.  Utilize this page to share information about the planning of the event to create a buzz among potential attendees. Post pictures, sneak peeks and other pertinent details regularly. Don’t forget to check the page regularly to engage and respond to comments left there.


Write a blog post about the event! It is a great way to share the specifics of your event. Share a link to it on your social media pages as well as in any email communication you send out before the event.

Although the event details are not evergreen and will need to be removed from your home page after the event, the blog post you write can remain.


Create a compelling video about your event. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Having members of your organization talking about yur event is a great way to humanize your organization.

Good luck with your event!

What marketing strategies have you successfully used to promote a fundraiser for your non-profit organization?


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