5 Ways to Step-Up Email Open Rates

Step-up-email-open-rateYou’ve spent hours, maybe even days, planning and writing an email. Don’t let that hard work go to waste. Optimize your email strategy to increase the open rate of your messages. After all, if no one is opening your emails, you have a 0% chance of conversion.

Prepare a direct subject line. While it is the shortest part of your email, it is among the most important. Cute and clever subject lines are just that — cute and clever. While they may increase your open rate, it is likely they won’t help your conversion or even your click-thru rate.

Instead, be direct in your subject line. Let readers know exactly what you are after. Offering a discount? Let them know! Most importantly, create a sense of urgency by including a deadline.

Stumped on what to write? Check out our previous post on writing Stand Up Subject Lines – http://wibmail.com/stand-out-subject-lines/

Emoji fun! Intrigue your recipient by including a relevant emoji as part of your subject line. Be cognizant and don’t go overboard!  

Alternate the positioning of the emoji’s, too. You can put it as the first character of your subject line, at the end or somewhere in between. Avoid getting in a rut — your readers will appreciate the variety!  

Avoid Spam Filters. With so many marketers out there, many email services offer spam filters. A subject line containing all caps is a red flag and will likely get your email tossed into spam. Multiple exclamation marks should also be avoided.

Spam filters look for keywords and phrases within the body of the email and not just the subject line. Steer clear of using words such as free, cheap and opportunity to minimize your chance of being marked as spam.

Humanize your return address and name. You are sending your email to a person so it makes sense to send it from a person rather than an organization or brand. Recipients are much more inclined to open an email from a personal email address rather than a no-reply @yourcompany.org address.

Timing. It’s true, timing is everything. Unfortunately, there really isn’t a perfect time to send out an email. Many studies have been done and while most find that a mid-week, later morning send works best, it may not be right for you.

If your mail service allows, try A/B testing – sending part of your list the message at one time and the rest of it at another. Then, look at the analytics to help you determine the best time to send out your next campaign.

****BONUS TIP: Check your analytics 3-4 days after sending out your campaign and resend the message to those that didn’t open it. You just never know — the recipient may have been out sick, on vacation or just plain busy when you sent the original. Everyone deserves a second chance — even your email!****

What other strategies have you implemented to increase the open rate of your email campaigns? We’d love to hear!



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