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5 Tips to Save Direct Mail Dollars

We all know the old adage that you need to spend money to make WIB Blog Savedollarsmoney. Spending money on marketing or appeals is necessary but can be a bit risky especially for a struggling business or small non-profit. Rather than skip or even skimp on your next direct mail campaign, use these tips to stretch your budget and positively impact your bottom line.

1. List Scrub

 Chances are you have a relatively large list. Take the time to clean it up before your next campaign is set to drop. Segmenting it is a task well worth the investment of time. This will allow you to target specific types of donors – those that haven’t given in a while, large donors, etc. Using your existing list is a great way to encourage repeat donors. You can then send out a targeted campaign to a smaller group, thus saving you plenty of dollars.

2. Partner Up

 Talk to your sponsors or partners and consider creating a complementary campaign that includes both parties. You can split the costs associated with getting the campaign out and both get your message to their mail list. Seeing something about your company or organization from a trusted brand will help you to cultivate new clients and donors. If it is successful, reciprocate soon by partnering again and mailing to your list. The dollars saved are sure to be a much welcomed bonus for both parties.

3. Right Rate

 This one may sounds obvious, but trust us when we tell you how many 501c3 organizations don’t take advantage of non-profit mailing rates. Applying to use the rate won’t cost your organization any dollars but can certainly save you lots. Learn more about these special rates in our previous post, Non-Profit Mailing 101. The process does take some time, so get the application started and submitted before you are ready to drop your next direct mail campaign.

4. Standard Sizing

 We’re big believers in making your direct mail piece stand out. While a creative size or shape is one way to make that happen, it is a costly option. We recommend you keep your piece rectangular and no larger than 6”x11” so you can take advantage of standard mail rates. Get creative with fonts and graphics to get your direct mail piece noticed and save yourself from busting your budget.

5. Go Black

 Color is great and does look sharp on direct mail pieces but costs significantly more to print than black. Stay on budget by sticking to just the 1 color. If you have the funds, consider splurging a little on textured paper. Let your designer know that you want to print in just black and if you will be printing on textured paper. Sharing this information ahead of time will allow them to create something eye-catching within your parameters.


Direct Mail is an effective strategy for growing clients, donors and brand awareness. With a little strategizing and planning, you can create a successful campaign well within your budget.



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