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3 Ways to Build Your Mailing List

3-ways-to-build-your-mailing-listMethods for building a mailing list that will lead to successful campaigns.

Direct mail is an effective way for businesses to market their products and services and is also a great way for organizations to raise awareness and funds for their cause. It is impossible to overstate the importance of a solid mailing list for a successful campaign.

If you want to boost the return of your next direct mail campaign, now is the time to begin capturing addresses and growing your list. We are sharing 3 strategies you can use right now to help you organically build a quality list.

Create an Online Contest

Who doesn’t love a contest? Especially if there is a great prize to be won.

Create a contest that will appeal to the demographic you’re trying to reach. If you are targeting families with young children, asking them to share funny stories about their kids in exchange for a chance to win tickets to a family friendly event would be a good idea.

When people enter the contest, make it a requirement that they provide their address and opt-in to your mailings. After all, you will need their contact information to get them their prize.

Host an Event

If your target market is (relatively) local, hosting an event is a surefire way to grow your list. Tailor your event to the interests of your potential audience. Hosting an informational event about retirement planning is a great option if you’re looking to attract middle-aged adults.

Sharing your event on your social media will help promote it. However, your best place to start is with your current clientele. Let them know about the event first. Incentivize them to bring a guest by offering them VIP seating, a coupon for future products/services or even a promotional item.

A registration table should greet your attendees. Let them know you are collecting their information so that you can keep them informed of future events, special promotions and ways to get involved.

Offer Premium Content

Sharing great content on your website, social media and newsletter is important to keep your readers engaged and attract new ones. However, keeping premium content available only to registered users is perfectly acceptable.

Offering a free e-book download, special coupon or more in-depth information are great incentives for consumers to click through and provide you with their mailing information.

Your client will feel like a VIP with this special access. You can then invite them to share the page with their friends, followers and clients.

Your mailing list is a living entity and will grow and evolve over time. Putting the effort into creating and managing a solid mailing list will lead to greater success and a strong ROI on your next direct mail campaign.


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