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3 Design Mistakes

Blog-pinterest-post---3-printdesign-mistakesHave you ever caught a typo on a menu? Or saw a pixelated photo in a newsletter? Mistakes can happen in communication, but when you’re printing a piece and budget dollars count, there’s no room for errors. Take a look at three common mistakes and what you can do to avoid them completely.

Mistake #1:  Poor quality images

If a picture’s worth a thousand words make sure yours are saying the right things.

  • Include only photos that are expressive, clear and compelling.
  • Hire a photographer or invest in a good camera to capture moments (big and small) so you always have photos to choose from.
  • Consider paying for quality stock photography if an image is going to be featured prominently. It’s heartbreaking to find that your free stock photo is also being used by someone else.
  • Print resolutions need to be between 300-400ppi. Ask your printer to review your files and run a proof to ensure everything looks great.

Mistake #2: Not paying attention to readability

The best copy in the world won’t get read if it’s too small, the font is too light or it’s blurry.

  • Text should be no smaller than 8 point type.
  • Select fonts with care – too thin and they may not fully print, too heavy and lines may bleed together.
  • Be careful when using white or light copy on dark backgrounds. It’s not only harder to read, but tends to be less crisp because of printing processes that build colors.
  • Use headlines and subheads to move readers through the copy.
  • Avoid trying to include too much information in a single piece.

Mistake #3: Not proofing

Hiring a proofreader is an insurance policy for a printed piece.

  • A fresh set of eyes and a mind for spelling can save you from typos and punctuation woes.
  • Your final review should also look for line breaks, hyphenations, spacing and page numbers.
  • A press check or proof print can catch color and layout issues.
  • Make sure to double – or triple – check your call to action. An error in your website URL, address or phone number demands reprinting.



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