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    New Year’s Resolutions for Non-Profits

    The New Year is just around the corner! While making personal resolutions, why not set some for your non-profit as well. Set the tone for the upcoming year with a list of resolutions that will enhance the success of your non-profit organization in 2017! December was likely a good month for your non-profit as donations tend to be highest toward year end. Ring in the new year with the excitement of December behind you and keep the momentum going. There really isn’t a better time to redefine your brand and voice. Don’t get overwhelmed! It’s easier than you think to set achievable resolutions for your organization. Here are some suggestions…

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    Giving Tuesday Follow-Up Guide

    The biggest donation day of the year, aka Giving Tuesday, has come and gone. Your non-profit has grown its revenue, attracted new donors and increased awareness of the organization and mission. So, now what? Don’t just sit back and float by! Capitalize on the influx of activity generated by the hard work put into the development and execution of your Giving Tuesday campaign. Consider these 4 tips your inspiration to planning a post Giving Tuesday campaign! 1. Show your #GivingTuesday donors the LOVE! Thanking your donors should be FIRST PRIORITY! An appreciated donor is more likely to become a repeat donor.  There are plenty of ways to express your gratitude.…

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