Monthly Archives: April 2016

Successful Non-Profit Stewardship

We all know that donors are the life-blood of any non-profit organization. With just 27% of donors giving  a second contribution to the same organization, it is imperative that a stewardship program be established. What is Stewardship? The process of managing and caring for donors with the ultimate goal of developing a lasting relationship is… Read More »

Why Snail Mail Works Best

Thanks to advances in technology, organizations have options when it comes to sharing their fundraising campaigns with potential donors.  While many choose to stick with the tried and true direct mail strategy, others are giving electronic means a try. After all, there is no risk in trying something new – especially since it is an… Read More »

Interview with an Etiquette Coach

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! These words are key to building and maintaining relationships. Most organizations understand their importance, yet struggle with the right way and time to express their gratitude to their employees, volunteers and contributors. Meet Belinda “Bella” Cermola, Chief Etiquette Officer at Common Ground Etiquette. We asked her to share her… Read More »

How Often to Send Donation Requests

Many organizations struggle with how often they should send out donation requests and appeal letters. The answer is simple — OFTEN! We wish we could tell you there is some magic formula, but unfortunately, there isn’t. Don’t despair! We have advice to help you define what “OFTEN” means to your organization. There is a fine… Read More »