Monthly Archives: January 2016

4 Reasons You’re Not Getting Donations

There might be a good reason you’ve seen a drop in charitable donations– four good reasons, in fact. Don’t despair; we’ve not only rounded up the most common culprits, but smart solutions to set things straight. You’re not connecting with your target audience.  While your donor list might tell you who has given in the… Read More »

How to Create Catchy Headlines

  How to create catchy headlines for donor information pieces: You’ve got milliseconds to grab the attention of a potential donor and hook them into reading more and taking action. What works?  A great headline. Headlines (and subheads) get read up to five times more than body copy so telling your story and asking for… Read More »

Connect with Audience After an Event

Events and fundraisers are often the most valuable efforts of the year for nonprofits. Meeting donors face to face and pitching your cause is by far the easiest way to inspire people and get them to open their check books. The value of these things are hard to deny and most founders need no convincing.… Read More »