10 Tools to Help Build Your Website

Increase awareness of your organization and its mission to current and would be donors as well as to potential volunteers with a website. All too often, smaller organizations forego having an online presence because they don’t have staff with the skill set to design a website nor the funds to hire outside help.

There are lots of programs and websites available to help even those without coding or design abilities to create websites for free or a nominal fee. We’re sharing 10 to inspire you to launch a site of your organization’s own!



This easy to follow, intuitive program will help you build and launch your own website and mobile apps. Easily add text, video, images and more to help convey your organization’s mission and cause.

Why we like it: This program is totally customizable right on down to the colors, fonts and layout.


Builder Engine 

Without the need for coding, users can create complex websites using a multitude of available add-on apps. Users are empowered to create the site of their dreams with this flexible powerful system.

Why we like it: Support! A myriad of forums and a ticket support system are available to offer assistance and guidance as you need it.



Create a single page, responsive site that is not only functional, but beautiful as well with this FREE service. That’s right, we said FREE! This platform is currently in BETA version, but is absolutely worth keeping on your radar.

Why we like it: Point and click — it doesn’t get much simpler than that.



Using more than 70 uniquely designed content blocks, you can create a custom site to share your organization’s story. Move blocks around to completely customize your site to meet your unique needs. Add maps, photos and more to create a more robust site.

Why we like it: FAST! Literally, within minutes you can set up your site.



Not only can you easily and quickly set up a one page website on this platform but you can also set up your new domain. Avoid the mountain of forms needed to register your site when you use this all inclusive program.

Why we like it: Sites are published in an average of 5 minutes without DNS or server setup.


Square Space 

Regardless of what industry you are in, you will find templates that apply to it. Within minutes you can build a beautiful website that looks custom designed. The hardest part about this program is deciding which template to use.

Why we like it: All templates are mobile friendly so users are restricted in selecting the one that works best for them.



This user friendly WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface offers a good variety of templates and widgets. While there are plenty of free options to select from, you can also choose others for a nominal fee.

Why we like it: For those that have coding skills, incorporating JavaScript apps is easy making this platform one that can grow with your needs – and skills.


Template Stash 

This curated collection of top website templates puts countless options at your fingertips. Easily search them by keyword, category or other theme to discover the template that best meets the need of your organization.

Why we like it: It’s a true timesaver. No need to spend countless hours combing the web to find what you need, this aggregator does the work for you.



This online platform offers immaculate designs that are sure to please any user. EAch available template is set to work on offer visitors a pleasing experience on desktop machines as well as mobile devices.  An option to publish your site with your own domain or on a Weebly subdomain is available.

Why we like it: Robust site analytics are available so you know how your site is performing.



Creating your website is fun on this platform. The vast collection of designs available are easy to edit and customize to meet the needs of your organization. Reliable hosting is a bonus and will ease your stress once your site is publisher.

Why we like it: Integrated ecommerce and blogging capabilities are part of this platform making it a one stop shop.

Pick the program that works best for you and begin to grow your organization’s digital footprint!


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