Founded in 1959, WIB is one of the most experienced and respected caging and lockbox companies in northern Virginia. Although we have our roots in history, WIB offers some of the industry’s most advanced technology to our customers. At WIB, we receive and process hundreds of thousands of payments and donations on behalf of our clients annually. Our team, all of which are employees, not third-party contractors, process them with speed, accuracy and the highest level of confidentiality so you can rest assured your receivables are accounted for. Value-added services such as database management and document handling are available to our clients. Our facility is PCI Level 1 compliant and is recertified annually to ensure our internal processes and systems meet or exceed all industry standards. Additionally, our facility and infrastructure are equipped with intrusion detection and fraud protection systems as an added line of security. Discover how our experienced team can help your organization.

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